Revamped and Revived


Although it is almost the end of April, I feel as though I have just recovered from the Festive Season!

It sounds crazy, doesn’t it? How can that possibly be?

It’s been four months since I packed away Christmas decorations, but the preparations before Christmas, the holiday in Eduardo after Christmas, the complete lack of routine over the summer holidays, and the frantic pace of term one of school, have made for crazy times.

Fun, but crazy!

I feel I’ve just taken a breath and some sort of order has been restored.

Yes, I prefer my little patch of the universe to have some semblance of order because, to me, a little bit of order equates to a little bit of freedom: –

FREEDOM to walk Jet without feeling guilty about the backlog of washing not being done!

FREEDOM to occasionally have the luxury of reading a book

FREEDOM to watch Downton Abbey and take the proper amount of time to sob uncontrollably when Matthew has a car accident

FREEDOM to crochet without feeling I should be scrubbing soap scum off bathrooms

FREEDOM to dream big about my Etsy shop

FREEDOM to blog and to unearth some other amazing blogs out there.

Yes, I am really enjoying taking the time to regularly tune in to the happenings in these blogs below.

Go on, just press on them and be transported through cyber space to their latest wonderful posts.

Gardening Nirvana


Little Bits & Pieces Of Life

Rumpy Dog

The Garden Smallholder

So Many Crafts, So Little Time

A Hundred Years Ago

Made By Mum

The Pyjama Gardener

Gardens For Goldens

Aren’t they a treat?

And they are very inspiring, don’t you think?

So, with a combination of a tiny bit of FREEDOM and a large dose of INSPIRATION from the great blogs above, I ventured out into The Oasis Out The Front Door and tackled a job that has been begging to be tackled – the revamp of a sad, forgotten garden bed.


Yikes! So many weeds!


The green bin was full in no time and I had only removed weeds from about a third of said garden bed!

Time to stop weeding for a little while, add some well-rotted compost to the soil, and start planting.

The Travellers gave us a Ballerina Apple tree they had in a pot for many years – here’s hoping it will cope being transferred to its new home.

P1030164And while I happily slaved away … Tigger and Oscar played cat and mouse amongst the Meidland roses and Gaura.P1030170Next to be planted was a beautiful rose for Tottie, from who else but The Givers!

Dee Dee kept a close eye on my progress.

Then came the extra fun part – decorating with an old log and some weatherproof cats from the Op Shop …


Poor Jet waited patiently for me to throw the ball during this whole gardening session …

P1030187 P1030188

Next to Tottie’s rose went a very special doll’s pram and a small, whitewashed house.

The doll’s pram belonged to a very special friend who lost a battle with breast cancer. Every time I look at my revamped garden bed now, I remember her and her all too short, but very memorable life.

I lined the pram with coconut fibre, put in good potting mix and planted red geraniums and strawberries.P1030195Oscar,P1030191 SlinkyP1030192

and Dee Dee took a moment to reflect on those near and dear that we have lost …

P1030193And, finally, some more rocks around the edges and a smaller Ballerina apple …
P1030201Stay tuned to updates in this garden bed as there’s plenty more to come from The Givers – of course – and a special plant on its way for Teddy.

In the meantime, enjoy the tiny snippets of total freedom in your day …

16 thoughts on “Revamped and Revived

  1. You are so welcome, Rumpy! Your blog is fabulous – everyone should be reading it to improve the lives of animals everywhere. Jet would love to play ball with you any time! Xxx

  2. The garden is beautiful. It’s been a really late spring here, and I can hardly wait for a few nice days so that I can get out and really get started gardening. Thank you for the nice mention of A Hundred Years Ago. I’m honored that you think it is worthy of inclusion on this list.

    • Your blog is beyond worthy – it’s so amazing and interesting! I love it and am so pleased I’ve found it. I hope you are able to get out and do some gardening soon. Thanks so much for your kind comments. X

  3. I love what you did in your garden, I also love to dress areas of the garden with rocks and logs too. Thanks for mentioning my blog, it’s been a rough couple of days but reading your post really cheered me up, so thank you!

    • I’m so happy I could help cheer you up in a small way. Your work in rescuing hens and spreading the word on your blog is incredible. And your garden is beautiful. I so look forward to reading each post. Life can be pretty rough sometimes can’t it but I really hope things turn around and get a bit easier. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. X

  4. It has all the makings of a lovely bed. Can’t wait to see it develop! Thanks for the nod to Gardens for Goldens…and for leading me to new blogging friends! Best….

    • I love Gardens For Goldens – I get some wonderful gardening tips, I get to see gorgeous rescued dogs and my faith in humanity is restored because there are people like you out there doing amazing things to help animals. Plus Ogee is so cute! Thanks for stopping by. X

  5. What a lovely way to start my day, you’re a doll, thank you! After working for 25 years at a communications company, freedom is such a treat, I whole heartily enjoy daily, Bravo! Alys and I are BIG Matthew fans too, understandably I feel your pain. Group Sob :_( Thank you for sharing my blog, that was so nice of you and I can’t wait to explore some new ones too.

    I enjoyed all your garden gusto, especially all your feline friends. They’re all adorable and so lucky to be able to join you in the garden. Would love to play ball with gorgeous Jet too. I’m very sorry to know you’ve lost a dear friend, she’ll be tickled that you are honouring her memory by using something she loved in your garden. That’s very cute. As are those kitty garden figures, Love those! Have an awesome day :D

  6. Thanks so much for visiting – and for your beautiful comment! So glad you also enjoy some daily freedom – soon you’ll have the ultimate freedom – a holiday! Yeah! How funny you and Alys love Matthew, too! He was so lovely – in that English gentleman kind of way! Too bad. Would very happily transfer all of my TV affection to Ryan Hardy aka the gorgeous Kevin Bacon, but alas The Following is a bit too scary and gruesome for me. So glad you like my kitty garden statues – $4 each at the local Op Shop – couldn’t believe it! Love your gifty Boom boxes! Enjoy the rest of your day!

  7. What a wonderful response you have had to your last blog, what a wonderful way to meet new friends. I will be looking at all their blogs, they look amazing, Beautiful garden can’t wait to see it in spring. Still didn’t see that beautiful Casper in the garden, I think he might need a gentle push out the door, maybe he needs one of the givers to give him a shove. You have made our day again, keep punching those keys, really look forward to it.

  8. You are a fabulous supporter of my blog, Granny Val. Thank-you so much. So glad you’re going to check out the blogs I’ve mentioned here – you’ll love them. Yes, getting Casper out the door is tricky – particularly now the weather is getting a little cooler. Gardening is one of his least favourite activities!

  9. Thank you SO MUCH for the honorable mention of my blog! I cannot wait to check out the other blogs you have mentioned! On another note, I cannot imagine having summer vacation during Christmas. There is so much to do for Christmas that I don’t think I’d be able to tend to the garden. Shows how fabulous you are at multi-tasking, as your sweet Jet waits patiently for your to throw him the ball :) Love beautiful Pram and the wonderful memory it brings you of your friend. The beautiful red in the geraniums make it even more special.
    Now about Downton Abbey – oh my! I’m soooo behind! Season 3 came and went. I only say two episodes and have the rest patiently waiting…. Now, I’m hooked on Mr Selfridge and Call the Midwife. Unfortunately, they are being recorded too as there aren’t enough hours in the day. Oh my… So much TV, so little time :)

  10. Oh no! I’ve spilt the beans about Matthew, then! Sorry about that – I should have written SPOILER ALERT! Call the Midwife is great, too, isn’t it? Yes, summer holidays and Christmas equals full on!! Think I’ll celebrate Christmas in July this year. Thanks so much for being a wonderful regular visitor to my blog and for your lovely comments again. I’m sure you’ll enjoy reading the list of blogs in my post as much as I enjoy yours. x

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